The best classic PC games everyone needs to try

If you find yourself wondering how games companies can charge so much for their new releases, then have no fear; you’re not alone. Sure, there have been a handful of impressive releases over the last few years, but sometimes we need to remember the greats that paved the way. Just be warned; the best classic PC games everyone needs to try come loaded with a shot of nostalgia.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

This was the original twisted story for many of us as players controlled Abe, a Mudokon trying to escape for RuptureFarms. Why? Abe learns the truth behind those delicious meals on the production line and knows that he has to get out – and fast. Although the dame got a remake in 2014, the original has some nitty-gritty additions that we just can’t get enough of all these years later. Just remember that every move matters in this game. That is if you ever make it to the end in the first place.

The best classic PC games everyone needs to try


Of course, it’s hard to find a game that stands up to Doom. And with Doom Eternal set to be released November 2019, now could be as good a time as ever to revisit the classic. Doom is all about fast-paced, high-pressure gameplay as monsters and demons swarm at Doomguy from all angles. The beasts from downstairs have broken through to a base on Mars, and it’s the player’s job to make sure they go back to where they’ve come from. Doom was so popular that people were even sent home from work for playing too much of this game.

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 carries on a few years after the first game left off, and the title has gone down as one of the most recognized in the gaming world thanks to the incredible storyline. Players must find a way to save humanity from the alien who’s taken control of the planet, but thankfully, they have a little help from some friends along the way. The franchise is so popular that many fans have been demanding a Half-Life 3 for years. Sadly, Gabe Newell, the creator of the games, has been teasing players for the last 15 years with no game in sight.

Monkey Island

It can be hard for anyone to forget the classic lines that came from Monkey Island, but if you need a refresher, then why not give this classic game a try? The game was known to be player-friendly as people followed storylines straight out of Indiana Jones. That’s not all. The game also breaks the fourth wall throughout many scenes and grew to be known for their comedy take on the action. Monkey Island is certainly an easy way to pass the time.

The best classic PC games everyone needs to try

The Sims

Of course, not all classic PC games have a storyline to back them up – and that’s the great thing about The Sims! The game lets players play with life as you create your sim, build your house, and do just about whatever you like. With a host of careers and families to build, there is no end to the possibilities, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your gameplay, then removing the pool ladder or letting one of those random fires break out certainly helps.

Just because there are new names hitting the shelves doesn’t mean we have to forget about those classic favorites, right? No! The best classic PC games everyone needs to try proves that some of the best creations really did come from the past.