Gift ideas for your geek loving partner

Some people are straightforward to buy for, but others are just incredibly hard. Most of us present-buyers often find it really hard to know what to buy a loved one, so don’t panic. There’s plenty of ideas out there.

If your partner is a bit of a geek, then we’ve got good news for you – geeks are actually very easy to buy for! There’s a whole array of cool gadgets, toys, and collectibles out there for you to browse. All of which will be sure to put a smile on your partner’s face! Here are some of what we think are the best gift ideas of 2019 for members of the world’s geek squad.

Gift ideas for your geek loving partner

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Let’s be real, you’re not a true geek unless you’re a major Game of Thrones fan. But then again, who isn’t? What better way to treat your partner than to the latest limited GOT edition of Monopoly! What more could you want from a good Friday night in with your loved one? Let the arguments commence! There’s also a Cluedo version too if Monopoly isn’t really your thing.

Solar window charger

Eco-friendly products are popping up here, there and everywhere lately, and it’s great to see too! One of the latest gadgets to come about is the phone charger powered by solar energy that you can stick to your glass window at home, in the office, or even in the car. This is a fantastic idea if your guy or gal is a real greeno!


Why not go a bit old school and buy your partner a set of walkie-talkies for a bit of nostalgia fun, taking you right back to the good old’ days. There are hundreds of different types available for you to browse, from the latest high spec to the cool novelty ones. Using them around the house is seriously fun, especially when you’re on the sofa not wanting to move – use them to your own advantage!

Smartphone projector

Watching TV and films on a big-screen projector is seriously underrated, so you could always buy your partner a smartphone projector that projects an enlarged image of your phone screen onto any flat surface. It’s got an adjustable focus for getting the best quality viewing experience, and you can also use it via batteries too.

Gift ideas for your geek loving partner

Life-size cut out

Who doesn’t love walking into your bedroom at night and being frightened by the giant life-size cutout of Vin Diesel standing in the corner? If your partner is a total fanboy or fangirl, make the most of it by getting them a life-size figure of their favorite TV or film character. You can’t go wrong!

Polaroid snap

Polaroid cameras are officially back in fashion! They’re a brilliant way of snapping moments you don’t want to miss, but the photos won’t just stay hidden away in your camera roll, you’ll have it printed right there and then. With this particular camera, there’s plenty of cool features like stickers, filters and more.

There’s no need to fret too much when looking for the perfect present. Just make it thoughtful and you can’t go wrong. Everyone has an inner nerd lurking inside them somewhere, so why not buy them a gift from this list to crack the code and reveal the geek hidden in your partner. They may not even know they’re a nerd themselves. Happy shopping!